AkkoFlash 90

The assistant director of the Kashrut department at the rabbinate of the northern Israeli city of Akko was attacked by Arabs on Monday evening.

The attack occurred as the man was standing and talking with the chief rabbi of the city of Akko, Rabbi Yosef Yashar.

"We concluded a working meeting this evening with the Kashrut department and as we stood near the building of the rabbinate, several young Arabs passed by, beat the assistant department head and fled," Rabbi Yashar recalled in a conversation with Arutz Sheva.

He said that he and the assistant director began chasing the attackers until "we encountered police officers nearby and they continued the chase and managed to arrest them."

Rabbi Yashar said that the attack is not a first, and that Akko's Jews have been suffering from violent attacks by local Arabs.

"Arab youths pass by on the street, beating up girls and boys and now they also hurt us," he said. "We view this as very serious and we plan to eradicate this phenomenon."

He said that the police came to his home after the attack and questioned him. "The man who was attacked filed a complaint with the police and the police chief informed me that the attackers will be brought before a judge tomorrow."

In general, said Rabbi Yashar, Akko is quiet, "but there are Arab boys in the margins creating unpleasant provocations. Recently they attacked one of the rabbis in our neighborhoods, pulled his beard and threw his hat, and a few days ago they burned a mezuzah in one of the homes in the city."

He added, "Obviously this is not done by all the Arab residents of Akko, but there are extremist groups that want to create provocations and fan the flames. We will do everything to stop this."