ICI Conference 2012
ICI Conference 2012Yoni Kempinski

The annual "Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions" (ICI) conference, the leading meeting for interventional cardiologists, innovators, entrepreneurs in the industry took place in Tel Aviv in early December, bringing together the latest in ground breaking medical technology and the leading figures in the world of cardiology. 

Arutz7 spoke to Professor Raffia Bear, the CEO of Rambam Hospital and Co-Director of ICI 2012, who said the event was a "look into the future" that would reveal the latest tools and technology to improve the medical world. 

With over 1,100 participants from over forty countries, Bear called the event "a major success," noting that Israel was the perfect landscape for such a conference. 

"Its amazing how many technologies come from Israel," said Bear, "Israel is a source of innovation, a source of ideas…its the best in the world…there's nothing more robust per capita than what you see in Israel."