US Rep. M. Bachmann with Ketzaleh
US Rep. M. Bachmann with KetzalehIsrael news photo: Nancy Miller

U.S. Representative and former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann underlined Sunday night at the Bet El Institutions Dinner in New York City that U.S. demands for more Israeli concessions are suicidal for the Jewish State. "Israel is G-d's idea. All we are trying to do is following His leading," she began.

During her keynote address, Bachmann told a packed audience of her numerous trips to Israel. "Leaving Gaza seven years ago, which I fervently opposed... I knew what would happen... I knew that the events of the last month (the need for Operation Pillar of Defense to silence terrorist rocket fire -ed.) would come about,” she said. "We have witnessed history once again," she noted grimly.

"Imagine if even one terrorist rocket hit the US. We would defend ourselves. Israel has the right and duty as a sovereign nation to protect and defend its innocent people... Even though a cease fire is underway, make no mistake what these days are: it is an empty truce. It is buying time for the terrorists to simply regroup and reload with Iranian weapons for the next round of attacks against Israel," Bachmann said.

"Our current administration continues to demand that Israel gives even more and calls on them to concede even more. This is nothing more than foolishness and in my opinion, suicidal for the State of Israel,” she emphasized.

"But we must recognize there is simply no moral equivalency between a sovereign country like Israel that follows the rule of law, and a terrorist organization that uses women and children as human shields, and openly celebrates in the streets when a bus filled with Israeli civilians is bombed in the streets of Tel Aviv,” she pointed out.

Last month, on the last day of Israel's counter terror offensive against Gaza terrorists, a Dan bus exploded in Tel Aviv with passengers aboard. It was later discovered that the bomber  was an Israeli Arab who had been recruited by Palestinian Authority terrorists.