A. B.Yehoshua
A. B.YehoshuaIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Internationally known Israeli author A.B. Yehoshua has issued a call for Israel to conduct talks with Hamas and to stop calling it a terror group. Instead, he explained, it should be branded an "enemy."

In an article published by the ultra-leftist Haaretz newspaper, under the title "Speak to Hamas," Yehoshua explained that the definition of Hamas as terrorists is what prevents the government from conducting negotiations with them – "as is commonly done" between enemies.

Yehoshua noted that the Jordanians and Syrians also killed Israelis but were not called terrorists. He then explained that even the Nazis, despite their horrific deeds, were not called by that term. "They were the cruelest enemy in the annals of mankind, but not terrorists," he said.

"The inflationary use of the term 'terror,' of which the Prime Minister is particularly fond, stands in the way of the ability to achieve a long term agreement with this bitter enemy," the author went on to say. "Hamas currently controls territory; it has an army, government institutions and a broadcasting station.

"It is even recognized by many countries in the world. An organization that has a state is an enemy, not a terror organization."

"In order to understand, and maybe also to try and change Hamas's behavior, which is more than a little suicidal, real, direct talks need to take place."

Yehoshua also published his call to conduct talks with Hamas in the Italian La Stampa.

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