NetanyahuIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has a message for Israelis planning to watch the UN General Assembly approve the PA's bid to be recognized as a non-voting observer state later Thursday: There is no need to be upset.

Speaking Thursday, Netanyahu said that the PA's statehood bid was “meaningless. The decision by the General Assembly to raise the PA delegation's status to a non-member observer state will not advance the establishment of a Palestinian state. I suggest that we not be impressed with the applause at the General Assembly. It doesn't matter how many hands are raised against us, we have no intention of compromising on Israel's security.”

Speaking at an event at the Begin Heritage Institute in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said that the General Assembly had never expressed much sympathy with Israel anyway. “The resolution being presented does not discuss Israel's security, or Israel's position as a Jewish state, or a declaration to the end of the conflict, as prerequisites for recognition of a Palestinian state. These are just a few of the reasons we reject this bid.

“We want peace, but peace can be achieved in only one way – through negotiations, without preconditions,” Netanyahu said. “It cannot be achieved by one-sided declarations that do not take into account Israel's security concerns. Peace will be achieved only through mutual agreements between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and not through declarations at the UN,” he added.