Bedouin ATV in IDF base.
Bedouin ATV in IDF base.Regavim

Elements within the defense establishment suspect that Bedouin from the Negev relayed information to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense, according to Maariv.

It is believed that the Bedouin roamed about in forbidden military zones and gave the terrorists information about the exact location where their missiles and mortars struck, helping them to hit their targets more accurately.

In one case, reservists from the Paratrooper Reconnaissance Battalion identified a Bedouin pick-up truck atop a hill in the Lachish training base. The soldiers suspected that they were assisting the enemy in targeting the base and fired in the air. The Bedouins drove off.

The IDF Spokesman said, "In the course of the operation, there were many attempts by unauthorized elements to enter areas defined as closed military zones. They were detained and transferred to the Israel police and the security establishment."

Military sources have speculated that the assistance from the Bedouin is what made Hamas's strikes on military bases achieve a relatively high degree of accuracy. Two soldiers were killed in such strikes.

For years, Bedouins have been making an open mockery of the IDF in the Negev. The video below is a Channel 2 report documenting how Bedouin metal thieves enter IDF training zones during live fire tank exercises and collect spent shells and other items they find desirable. The army's orders forbid soldiers from firing at the thieves, and so the thieves operate in the open. The photo accompanying this report, taken by the Regavim organization, shows a Bedouin ATV in a closed military zone, decked out with military camouflage netting. 

Israel's judicial and prosecutorial system, including that of the military, has been infiltrated by the neo-Marxist Left. Such embarrassing scenes are the direct result of this infiltration.