Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Hamas terrorists in GazaFlash 90

The Hamas terror government in Gaza will establish a committee that will investigate the circumstances surrounding the execution of seven Gazans during the recent Operation Pillar of Defense, Kol Yisrael radio reported on Sunday.

The seven were suspected of collaborating with Israel and were executed without trial. Six of them were executed last week, after the terrorist group claimed they were “caught red-handed” assisting Israel.

The six “possessed hi-tech equipment and filming equipment to take footage of positions,” Hamas commanders said in a radio broadcast.

Gaza witnesses said the men were pushed from a vehicle and shot. Pictures from Gaza showed the body of one of the men being dragged behind a motorcycle.

The seventh man was executed a week earlier. Palestinian Authority media reported that the body of a Gaza man had been found in the street under a picture of a Hamas terrorist holding a rocket.

Around the man’s neck was a sign accusing him of giving Israel information that helped it target and kill 15 Hamas commanders.

Hamas was publicly condemned for the summary executions, and its political bureau issued an official apology last week.

The deputy head of the bureau, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook, commented that "we must act against those who collaborate with Israel, but this is not the way to do so. We have given orders to refrain from such embarrassing activities."

In June, Hamas presented a video documentary, in which alleged collaborators with Israel confess to having aided the killings of senior Hamas and Fatah members.

In April, Hamas executed one such “collaborator” with Israel. The terror group denounced him as a “traitor.”  In April of 2010, the group executed two men for "collaborating" with Israel, the first formal execution carried out since the Islamist group seized control over Gaza in 2007. In December of that year, a Hamas military court similarly convicted three men of the same charges.