The rabbinic organization Tzohar has opened a hotline for residents of southern Israel whose homes have been targeted by Hamas in its latest terror offensive.

The hotline will provide expert answers in matters of Jewish law (halakha), as well as psychological assistance and guidance on various topics, including handling children’s trauma.

Several of the Tzohar rabbis are trained psychologists, among them Rabbi Shmuel Nehoshtan, Rabbi Yaron Durani, Rabbi Ezriel Ariel, Rabbi Yehuda Yesharim, and Rabbi Gidon Perel.

“During this time of war, every rabbi in Israel must think, ‘How can I give of my knowledge and abilities to my brothers in the south,’” said Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein, who initiated the creation of the hotline.

“The hotline is meant to provide halachic answers to questions that came up due to the fighting, but primarily aims to provide some ‘psychological first aid,’ to parents who need to protect their children and deal with their fears,” he continued.

“Sometimes these stressful situations also create trouble between spouses, and there, too, rabbis who deal with these issues on a daily basis can help,” he added.