Rocket Damage in Ashdod
Rocket Damage in AshdodFlash 90

Gaza terrorists fired a barrage of rockets at the city of Ashdod on Tuesday evening. Four rockets were shot down by the Iron Dome system, but another two hit the city.

One exploded near a residential building, lightly wounding five people. The attack sent an additional 13 people into shock.

Victims of the attack were taken to Kaplan hospital in Rehovot.

A second rocket struck near a commercial building. At least one woman was wounded in the attack. The victim of the second attack is in light condition.

In addition, a young man was lightly wounded when he hit a glass door while running for shelter. He was taken to hospital with wounds to the face and upper body.

In the aftermath of the latest attacks residents of the city called on the government to take out Hamas’s attack capabilities.

“I’m a Likud supporter, but if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stops the operation now I’m not voting for him,” a local man named Yitzik told Arutz Sheva. “It would be an outrage if we took so much fire for four years and now, when they finally come to end it, while we give full support to the executive branch – they chicken out.”

“My whole family is holed up in a bomb shelter for six days already,” another resident said. “We’ll give the IDF, the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister whatever support they need in order to bring quiet here.”