Security officials inspect Kassam in Ashkelon
Security officials inspect Kassam in AshkelonFlash 9i0

The rockets from Gaza keep on pounding Israel, Israel keeps hitting back, the world media makes Israel look bad and depicts Gaza as the victim. That is life for Israel, and it sometimes seems it will never change.

In an effort to express their pain and help explain Israel's position abroad, independent filmmakers occasionally try to create videos that assist the hasbara (public information) effort. In Sderot, the videos are often centered around the theme of "15 seconds" -- the amount of time that residents have to find shelter when sirens alert them that a rocket has been fired at them.

This is a new and powerful video of that genre – 15 Seconds to Save your Mama.

Previous "15 second" films include this...

...and this, which may be the original "15 second" film: