Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi
Rabbi Nir Ben ArtziIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, a controversial mystic based in southern Israel who claims predictive powers, told followers over the weekend that more storms are headed toward the United States after Hurricane Sandy.

He said: "The Sovereign of the Universe is telling Jews in the Land of Israel and the entire world: 'Do you think I am joking with you? Fooling with you? Don't you understand that I am serious? Every day I raise the judgment to a higher level than the previous day! No place in the world is safe and no place will be safe except the holy Land of Israel!'"

The rabbi warned that last week's storm is by no means the last. "The Americans will receive another storm, and another even harsher storm, until they say: 'There was never anything like this!' In the severe storm Sandy, in which the Blessed Holy One made chaos in the United States, hitting property, rocks and trees, the Creator is telling Americans, 'If you do not help Israel, I will overturn everything you have!'

"The Blessed Holy One destined the Americans to preserve the state of Israel in natural ways," he explained. "If the United States wants to succeed, it must openly help and support the nation of Israel."

Rabbi Ben-Artzi said that American Jews must make aliyah to Israel. "Every millimeter of Hurricane Sandy was managed by the Blessed Holy One. There was no mistake! There was no coincidence, and no other thought.  Don't mess with the Blessed Holy One. The Blessed Holy One is now in a state of severe judgment and anger vis-à-vis the entire world.

"The Creator is about to wash, clean and purify the entire world, step by step, and each step stronger than the previous one! Do not hesitate, come urgently to the Land of Israel and fulfill the Ten Commandments."