Hamas campers ages 12 - 18 perform mock exerc
Hamas campers ages 12 - 18 perform mock exercMustafa Hassona / Flash90

According to websites associated with the Fatah movement, Hamas is planning to carry out suicide attacks against Israel from Judea and Samaria, in order to bring down the wrath of the IDF on the Arabs in that region and topple the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority there.

The websites have published a document summarizing the contents of a meeting allegedly held early this year by top Hamas officials, in which the plan is finalized. There has been no independent verification of the document's authenticity.

According to the document, the meeting was attended by top Hamas officials Halil al-Haya and Mahmoud Zahar, as well as the commanders of the Izzedine al-Kassam "military wing" of Hamas.

It was decided that weapons would be sent into Judea and Samaria through Sinai in order to carry out deadly attacks against Israel, with the cooperation of other terror groups. The purpose of the attacks would be to weaken the PA and bring about its fall, when Israel responds militarily to the attacks.

In addition, according to the unconfirmed document, preparations were begun to dig a tunnel for abduction of an IDF soldier, supposedly to be carried out if Israel attacks Gaza.