Katyusha missile
Katyusha missileIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Hizbullah's rockets were meant to be used against Israel. Instead, it appears they are now being fired at Arabs. Syrian opposition forces say Hizbullah has been firing hundreds of rockets into Syria on a daily basis, and is a full participant in the Syrian civil war.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, Syrian opposition Local Coordination Committee-member, Mohamed al-Homsi, accused Hizbullah of “intervening in the fighting alongside the Syrian regime with all of its power,” adding “Hizbullah is firing its rockets – the same rockets that it claims are to fight Israel – into Syrian territory to kill Syrian people.”

Al-Homsi, who is a member of the Homs Local Coordination Committee, confirmed that “between 100 and 150 rockets and mortar shells are being fired by Hizbullah into the Syrian town of al-Qaseer and the surrounding villages on a daily basis, from the group’s military positions in Hermel [on the Syrian-Lebanese border].”

He told Asharq Al-Awsat “it has become clear that Hizbullah is taking part, with all of its strength, in this battle, which it considers itself to be a part of." He said the missile barrages were intensifying and that Iranian proxy militia has sent thousands of its troops into Syria to fight rebel forces.

The British Daily Telegraph has also published a report confirming that Hizbullah is launching rocket attacks into Syria. The report quoted a Lebanese resident of the border town of al-Qaa who said: “They are concentrating on hitting the villages where the Free Syrian Army are, to weaken them before launching a ground attack. I have seen the rockets firing; they pass over your head.

There was an eyewitness account by a Telegraph reporter: "Driving across the Hermel plains of the northern Bekaa, 10 miles from the frontier with Syria, The Daily Telegraph could hear the sound of rocket fire. The salvoes came in waves – the dull thuds of the launchers shattering the stillness of the night air as they released their loads. Half an hour later, the tempo quickened to a near constant onslaught, filling the valley with the sounds of warfare until the early hours of the morning."

Local residents said the attacks began six weeks ago.