Arutz Sheva met and spoke with the creators of TireCheck, a groundbreaking application for smartphones and tablets which enables drivers to check their car's tire pressure in a simple, clean and fun manner, all in the comfort of their own garage.

TireCheck was developed by the Israeli company NeoMatix. The app was designed for the everyday user, enabling each person to use the camera of their own device and simply hold it in front of the tires. The application then immediately scans the tire pressure.

“You just point the device, scan your tires and you get an answer if you’re under-inflated or not, where the nearest location to inflate your tires is, and how much pressure you need to inflate them,” explained Kfir Witman, founder and CEO of NeoMatix.

“Our technology is based on computer vision,” he added. “We scan the tire, analyze its shape and according to that we can determine whether or not you need air.

“This is a solution we hope will be widespread and used by every driver, because it can save money as well as improve driving safety,” he noted.

TireCheck is currently only available for the iPhone, said Witman, but the company is working on an Android version as well. During the first week, he noted, the app is free. TireCheck can be found in the App Store.