Illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv
Illegal immigrants in Tel AvivIsrael News photo: Flash 90

In a show of chutzpah, illegal Sudanese work immigrants organized by subversive "human rights" groups demonstrated outside the government compound in Jerusalem Sunday against their own expected incarceration, as the cabinet held its weekly meeting.

Minister of Interior Eli Yishai (Shas) said in reaction: "I am sorry about the condition of the Sudanese citizens, and also of the rest of the world's citizens upon whom fortune has not smiled.

"However, my duty as a minister in the government of Israel is not toward the citizens of Africa, but to the citizens of Israel, and to their security and future," he explained. "I will not rest until the goal of ejecting the infiltrators is met."

Yishai added: "The infiltrators, and the human rights organizations working to keep them in Israel while distributing false promises, need to know that they would be better off leaving Israel today, of their own free will, while receiving the maximum aid and assistance possible, and not waiting to be expelled by the Interior Ministry."