Muslim women wearing niqab
Muslim women wearing niqabIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The radical Islamic Revolution is encroaching on Israeli cities and scares none other than secular Arabs in the “Triangle” area near Netanya.

Arabs with Israeli citizenship in the city of Tira fear it will become a second Umm el Fahm, the home of the radical Islamic Movement’s northern branch and located between Afula and the Mediterranean Coast north of Netanya.

Many, if not most, of Tira Arabs are considered “liberal secularists,” but Army Radio reported Sunday that they are frightened by the takeover of several schools by supporters of the Islamic Movement.

Islamic flags have been flying over some schools, and residents said that a Muslim cleric, local Islamic Movement leader Abdel Rahman Kishua, preached in a local mosque in favor of beating women. Despite vocal opposition, the clerics said, “Islamic law allows it.”

Speaking from Mecca, where he is visiting, Kishua denied a charge that he beat a woman in Tira and that he preached violence.

The mayor of Tira, Maamon Abdelchai, denied that radical Psalmists are taking over the city and instead praised them for helping out Arab residents who are facing economic difficulties.

The tactic of winning support of poorer people by supplying them with social and educational needs has been highly successful in the Hamas and Hizbullah terrorist organizations. Hizbullah has effectively become the de facto government in southern Lebanon after years of taking care of the Shi’ite Muslim population.