Video shot by Jews on the Temple Mount last week shows a man they say is a Waqf official punching and kicking a Jewish man.

The video was shot Thursday morning by a member of the Jewish group, which had ascended the Mount in honor of the holiday of Sukkot – one of the three holidays in which Jews made pilgrimage to the Temple before its destruction by Romans over 1900 years ago.

The Jews' tour of the mount had been accompanied by four policemen as well as two Waqf men who followed the Jews' every movement, according to a member of the group who maintained his identity secret, for fear of police retribution.

It was only toward the end of the tour, as the group was preparing to leave the Mount, that the violence began, the source wrote in a document sent to reporters. The man in the light blue shirt who appears 35 seconds into the video below, approached several members of the group and began shouting at them to leave.

Another man identified as a Waqf member is then seen in the video (from 1:42 in the video) striking Attorney Yehuda Shimon, who makes a movement to defend himself, and then kicking him.

"These were very frightening moments," the group member wrote. "The passions were inflamed, and from every side we saw Arab men come running, distraught women, and frenzied children shouting abuse and war cries incessantly.

"The Waqf men who called in their friends with the walkie-talkies they held, provoked the group's members, made obscene gestures and voiced threats. Three Waqf members threatened Shlomo Puah – a boy aged about 13 who was documenting the event – that they would break his camera."

As the group was leaving the Mount, they walked past a group of children being led by their in chants of "Allahu akbar," as can be seen in the a second video embedded below. 

The author of the document said that police reaction to the violence was ineffective and that police were mostly concerned with getting the Jews off the Mount as quickly as possible. It was this weakness by police that encouraged the organized violence on the Mount on Friday, he said.

The Temple Mount movement demands that the inciters and rioters be distanced from the Mount.