An explosive device was set off outside a Jewish community center in Malmo, Sweden late on Thursday night. Nobody was hurt in the blast, but the building sustained damage.

Local police said it appeared that someone had tried to break in the door.

Two 18-year-old men have been arrested in connection to the attack. The men were nabbed after police successfully traced one of two cars that witnesses saw speeding away after the blast; the second car has not yet been found.

The attack comes just one week after a delegation of Jews from Copenhagen came to visit the city and express support with Malmo’s Jews in the face of anti-Semitic hate in the city. Local Jewish leaders say most of the hate comes from Muslim immigrants, who make up one-fifth of the city’s population.

The city leadership does not help matters. Mayor Ilmar Reepalu has responded to anti-Semitism by asking local Jews to disassociate themselves from Israeli policy, and has referred to Zionism as “unacceptable extremism.”

Local leader Rabbi Schneur Kesselman says he has suffered many verbal assaults and threats. In one case, he and his wife were nearly run down by a speeding car.

Just one day before the attack, a guard at the city’s Jewish cemetery told the Jewish Chronicle, “You don’t wear a kippah in this city. That would be suicide.”