Arab rock throwers / archive
Arab rock throwers / archiveIsrael news photo: Flash 90

An Israeli motorist was injured Sunday when he came under attack in a hail of rocks hurled by Palestinian Authority Arabs near Tekoa.

The incident, which damaged the vehicle, occurred near the Judean Jewish community of Tekoa, south of Bethlehem in eastern Gush Etzion. The victim was evacuated to a hospital in Jerusalem.

There have been a number of rock attacks – which fall under the category of  “road terror” -- by PA Arabs in that area in recent weeks. Last week Israeli motorists were forced to drive through a hail of rocks in order to get to and from the community on a number of occasions. Several cars were damaged, and passengers were traumatized but were physically uninjured. Rock attacks can be and sometimes are lethal -- as those who perpetrate them intend them to be.

Earlier this year, some residents of Tekoa instituted a protest against the frequent rock attacks by strewing rock barriers of their own along the road leading to Tukua, the nearby Arab village that preserves the name of the ancient Jewish community (Tekoa) where Amos the Biblical prophet once lived.

Tekoa is situated just slightly to the south of the Herodian, a high plateau that is the ancient burial site of King Herod, dating back to the Roman era. Herod, who served the Romans, was described as “a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis.” He was also known, however, for his prolific construction projects throughout Israel, including his expansion of the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Herod also built the wind-swept Judean mountain fortress of Masada, along the southwestern shore of the Dead Sea.

In a related incident, IDF soldiers arrested a PA Arab suspect in Hevron on Sunday after he was found to be carrying a large knife. The suspect confessed to security officials during questioning that he had planned to carry out a terror attack with the weapon, and had intended to stab Jews. An IDF spokesperson told reporters security officials plan to indict the suspect on a charge of intent to commit a terrorist attack.