Clearing out Tahrir Square from rioters
Clearing out Tahrir Square from riotersReuters

Early Saturday, one of the men who made the anti-Muslim film trailer on YouTube that is responsible for shaking Muslims in the Middle East, North Africa and even Australia into a violent frenzy, was taken in for questioning by federal probabtion officers. He was not placed under arrest, but Nakoula Basseley Nakoul, 55, is being questioned by the Los Angeles County Sherrif’s station in his home town of Cerritos.

In June 2010, Nakoula was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for orchestrating a check-kiting scheme, according to a media dispatch. He served only one year in prison, however, part of his sentence forbade him from using the Internet for five years, according to his probation records.

Mr. Nakoula, since the beginning of the protests, has been inside his house in hiding, while a media tent city has a kept 24-hour vigil outside his front door.

A photograph on the Los Angeles Times Web site displays Nakoula wearing a coat, scarf, and hat pulled over his face as Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies take him away.