MigronYoni Kempinski

The fifty families expelled from Migron hope their synagogue will be done in time for the holidays, says Motti Yogev, the deputy head of the regional council.

“The synagogue still isn’t ready, it’s an old building, from the remnants of Gush Katif, we fixed it up,” he told Arutz Sheva.

Yogev said it is now clear that the housing site prepared for the Migron evictees was not ready. “The situation is that, in a little bit, two weeks after the eviction, not all of the apartments are ready and definitely not all of the communal buildings are ready,” he reported.

“We hope that by Rosh Hashannah about 42 of the 48 families will be in their homes,” he continued. “Eight of the homes were not in good repair and we are making an effort so that all will have kitchen cabinets and showers.”

The demolition of the synagogue and mikveh in Migron “was painful, but also challenging,” Yogev said. The challenge was to return someday, he said.

“We need to hold positions of influence in the government and the nation, so that the decisions won’t be made by left-wingers in the State Attorney’s Office and Defense Ministry,” he opined. “In their places will be Zionists who will promote sovereignty over the entire land of Israel.”