Yair Naveh
Yair NavehFlash 90

Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Yair Naveh, warned on Tuesday that there is a growing chance of regional war.

“The terror along the borders is becoming bigger and bigger and there are activities going on in Syria, therefore the fear of deterioration is increasing,” Naveh said during a conference of school principals in Jerusalem.

“The borders with Syria and Egypt, which are becoming active, are causing the chances of war to go up,” he added.

Naveh also hinted at Israel's capabilities in the wake of the threat coming from Iran and said, “Israel is a cyber superpower. The reality of our capabilities surpasses the imagination. The reach of soldiers via the keyboard can reach very far places.”

Several Israeli officials have indicated over the past few weeks that Israel would be able to defend itself against any threat.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said last week that Israel “will continue to operate with courage, discretion, responsibility and will do the best for Israel’s defense, in any situation and prevent any threats as they appear. We have the ability to deal with the challenge. The IDF is steadfast and prepared to act for the security of Israel, at any time and within any required geographic range.”

Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said that “anyone who pushes us will discover that we have the means, the knowledge and the operational capabilities to protect the citizens of Israel.”

The two spoke at a graduation ceremony for captains at the naval base in Haifa.

Gantz said last month that Israel and the IDF are closely monitoring the changes taking place in Syria and Egypt, adding that Israel must be prepared for the possibility of conflict in the region.

“Recent events require the IDF to prepare for every scenario - even a multi-front confrontation,” he stressed.

He also voiced hope in that Iranian leaders will decide to scrap their nuclear arms program of their own accord and added that the next war with Lebanon will knock the country back "by decades."