Israel Defense Prize ceremony
Israel Defense Prize ceremonyAriel Hermoni, Ministry of Defense

As the reports and speculations about a possible Israeli strike in Iran continue, President Shimon Peres on Monday warned Israel’s enemies that the Jewish State will be able to deal with any threat.

“We’ve known many heavy threats and we’ve always won,” Peres said during the Israel Defense Prize ceremony which was held at the presidential residence.

“I suggest that our enemies not underestimate our capabilities, both the visible ones as well as the hidden ones,” he added. “Israel can repel any threat, near or far.”

“I say to our enemies: Abandon the path of war and terrorism,” continued Peres. “The Middle East can only be freed from the poverty and hardships with peaceful means. We do not threaten anyone and we are not afraid of threats being made against us.”

Peres recently came under attack after he publicly expressed his objection to an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

His remarks on Monday were made one day after he said that Israel will be able to deal with any threats made against it.

“The Middle East is stormy today, overflowing with old and new threats,” Peres said during a ceremony in which outstanding reservists were given certificates. “Israel today is stronger than ever. Israel has defensive tools of its own: those created in the past, those that are now being developed and those that will be developed tomorrow.”

The developers of the Iron Dome anti-missile battery were among the recipients of this year’s Israel Defense Prize.

The highly acclaimed Iron Dome technology was a reaction to the thousands of missiles that have rained down on Israeli citizens from Hamas-controlled Gaza.

The system has proven very effective and was successful in intercepting 90 percent of missile attacks on urban centers.

Peres expressed his appreciation to the winners and mentioned the great accomplishment of the Iron Dome.

“Most of the excellent accomplishments which earned you the prize this year are confidential, but at least one of them is known to the public,” he said. “Israel was the first in the world to develop a system like the Iron Dome, which was completed and became operational within a short time.”

“Thousands of civilians feel safer today thanks to the Iron Dome,” added Peres. “They owe their safety to the batteries which intercepted the missiles and prevented many injuries.”