Demolition at Ramat Migron (archive)
Demolition at Ramat Migron (archive)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Large numbers of Border Police officers and Yassam special forces arrived in Ramat Migron early on Friday morning for the sudden demolition of several structures at the site. Tatzpit reported an unusually large Border Police presence.

Access roads to Migron were blocked during the demolition.

A total of five buildings were demolished: a Torah study hall, a family home, the communal kitchen, the home for single women, and the home for single men.

Seven residents had been barred from the area by administrative order prior to the demolition, among them the father of the family whose home was destroyed. In addition, the area was declared a closed military zone during the demolition. Three young men and one young woman were arrested for entering the area despite the order.

After the demolition and arrests, forces moved on to the nearby outpost of Oz Tzion and demolished two makeshift homes. Two minors were arrested.

The large number of forces used raised fears that the demolition was aimed to prepare the area for the destruction of Migron itself. The community faces demolition after Palestinian Authority Arabs claimed ownership of the land on which it was built despite a previous sale. Israeli residents of the town bought the land a second time, but the planned eviction remains on schedule nonetheless.