Chicago White Sox Adam Dunn (R) is congratula
Chicago White Sox Adam Dunn (R) is congratulaReuters

Chicago White Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis said he will play for Team Israel at the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Israel Sports Radio reported.

The three-time MLB all-star said he would represent Israel in March 2013 if the team qualifies for the tournament this September and so long as he is healthy.

Youkilis suggested that there are also other Jewish players in the major leagues who would play for Team Israel.

WBC rules indicate that non-Israeli citizens of Jewish heritage are eligible to compete on behalf of Israel in the tournament, which would include Youkilis, as well as other MLB players.

Youkilis told last month that he had been approached to play for Team Israel by members of the team’s staff.

“I'd be willing to try it out if healthy and all that going into spring training and if I'm ready to play, I'll play,” Youkilis said.

“A lot of guys are going to be American guys who are going to play on the Israel team but just through history and religion, they might choose to play,” he added.