Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer addressed 170 students at this year's international model U.N. program in Rishon Letzion, helping the younger set to understand that not everything is as simple as it seems.

Under the leadership of students from the College of Management – Academic Studies (COMAS), the Israel International Model United Nations (ISRAMUN) 2012 is taking place from August 13-22. Known in more than 20 countries, the program takes place each year in several top universities, including Harvard, Yale and others.

This year's focus, “It's Not All About the Money,” proved to be an appropriate setting for Fischer's own topic, “Israel and the Global Financial Crisis.”

Throughout the week, the students have been examining the global movements and events that affect people's day-to-day lives financially and in other ways.

Each participant takes on the role of a diplomat and is required to represent a country different from his own country of origin, in order to learn to develop a more open-minded point of view. As in the “real world” the exercise teaches the students that not all dynamics are one-dimensional, and not all issues -- or solutions -- are as simple as they might first appear.