Hitler (reproduction)
Hitler (reproduction)Israel News photo: Flash 90

New research indicates that a chief aide to Adolf Hitler urged British intelligence to topple the fascist dictator, warning that peace was impossible without his removal from power.

Dr. Thomas Weber, a professor at the University of Aberdeen, claims that Fritz Wiedemann urged Britain “to strike as hard as possible” against the “madman” after he defeated France in 1940, The Daily Mail reported.

“The fact that Wiedemann was entirely against Hitler is, up until now, unknown,” Weber told Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine.

Wiedemann was a senior officer in the List Regiment in which Hitler served as a messenger in France and Belgium during WW1, and recommended the future Nazi dictator for the Iron Cross First Class for bravery.

While Wiedemann was originally a fervent supporter of Hitler’s ideology, he later became disillusioned with Nazism, The Daily Mail reported.

Weber claims that while Wiedemann was serving as consul general in San Francisco,

he met British intelligence’s U.S. head Sir William Wiseman after the outbreak of World War II in September 1939 and warned against the fascist dictator, saying Hitler had a “split personality and numbered among the most cruel people in the world, saw himself better than Napoleon and that peace with him was impossible.” 

He “recommended strongly” that the British strike as quickly and as “hard as possible” in order to topple the Nazi dictator.

After Germany declared war on America in December 1941, Wiedemann was dismissed from his position as consul general and moved to China, according to The Daily Mail.

He later testified at Nuremberg against several of the Nazi commanders. He died in 1970 at the age of 81.