Arson (file)
Arson (file)Flash 90

A wave of fires has hit Israeli in recent weeks. Police believe most of the fires were started by Arab arsonists as a form of terrorist attack.

Nature and Parks Authority head Shaul Goldstein told Arutz Sheva that the damage done by the fires is even greater than some realize. “These fires – beyond destroying the plant life, they completely destroy the animal life, from small animals to large animals,” he said.

“Our job is to rehabilitate the area after the fire,” he continued. He called on the public to help by reporting any fire, no matter how small. “A small fire can be put out with a cup of water, but a large fire cannot be put out by even 10 firefighting planes.”

On a positive note, Goldstein noted that the Parks Authority has extended visiting hours at many sites. “This will make it possible to visit more sites in one day,” he explained.

“Israelis are voting with their feet, and we are getting a lot of positive comments about the opening of the sites until late hours,” he added. Many sites have nighttime activities beginning at 10 p.m., he said.

Visits to national parks and heritage sites are up by six percent this year, but Goldstein is not satisfied. “I’m aiming for 10% growth,” he said.

“I expect the people of Israel to come in the last two weeks of summer and close the gap,” he concluded.