Composite photo of Burgas bomber
Composite photo of Burgas bomberReuters

Based on recovered body parts, the Bulgarian government has released a composite computer generated photo of the suicide bomber who murdered five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian driver on July 18 at the Burgas international airport. Dozens of others were wounded in the attack, including three who were critically injured.

The image, released Wednesday, shows a dark-haired man with wide-set, light-colored eyes.

Police said in a statement they based the image on the actual head of the suspect, which authorities are still holding at a morgue.

Israel has blamed the suicide attack that was perpetrated on Israeli tourists waiting to board a tour bus at the Burgas international airport on the Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorist organization based in Lebanon.

Bulgarian Economy Minister Delyan Dobrev met Tuesday with Israeli President Shimon Peres to discuss details of the investigation into the attack.

Peres told Dobrev that “Israel has information on the murderers and perpetrators,” and thank him and his government for their cooperation in the investigation on the attack.

It has become clear over the past two weeks that the bomber did not act alone. According to a report published by the Daily Mail, Dr. Kosyo Yankov, who participated in the autopsy of the attacker, said the body parts suggested a heavy man who had “nothing to do with the slim man caught by security cameras at the Burgas airport.”