Desecration of graves at Mount of Olives
Desecration of graves at Mount of OlivesIsrael news photo: Rafi Fischer

Dozens of Jewish and Asian headstones and memorials in a Vancouver cemetery were vandalized this week.

Shortly before 7 am Saturday, police were called to Mountain View Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Vancouver.

Gravestones, markers and other memorials – including even a pagoda in one case -- had been tipped over and broken, said police spokesperson Lindsey Houghton in a statement.

Officers said they found empty beer bottles and cans strewn all over the Jewish and Asian areas of the graveyard.

Witnesses told police they had heard loud partying by young people in the area between 1:30 am and 2:00 a.m.

An investigation has been launched.

Desecration of Jewish graves is not unusual, and is on the rise in Europe. It has also been seen in Israel, in the cemetery on Jerusalem's ancient Mount of Olives.