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One yeshiva student was hospitalized and several others were hurt in an Arab attack in Jerusalem over the weekend.

The incident occurred when a group of more than 100 students from the yeshiva in Beit El spent Shabbat in Jerusalem. As the members of the group were walking from the Western Wall to the Damascus Gate they were attacked by Arab rioters.

One of the students who were attacked, told Arutz Sheva on Monday that the incident took place after the group took part in evening prayers at the Western Wall on Friday night. The student recalled that he and his friends were making their way from the Western Wall back to the place where they were staying. They had been walking down a nearly empty street, with the exception of a few shops that were open, he said.

The yeshiva students were singing while walking, the student said, and when they reached the end of the street the Arab shop owners began shouting at them to quiet down and insulted them.

“They then drew their belts and began hitting us and throwing things at us,” the student recalled, adding that the Arabs continued to attack the students as they marched towards the Damascus Gate. As a result of the blows, one of the students was injured in the chest and required hospitalization. Some of the other students suffered from cuts on their heads. They did not require hospital treatment.

The student went on to say that even after he and his friends reached the Damascus Gate, the Arabs continued to provoke them, pouring cups of coffee on them and throwing various objects at them.

“Most students do not know how to deal with beatings,” the student said, adding that the Arabs dispersed only after police arrived.

The student who was hurt in the chest was released after one day in the hospital.