IDF checkpoint
IDF checkpointIsrael news photo: Flash 90

IDF chief medical officer Gen. Itzik Kreis on Tuesday ordered the Yoav base in the Golan Heights quarantined after several soldiers fell ill with a bacterial infection. 

Arutz Sheva has learned many soldiers at the base, including soldiers working in the kitchens, complained of itching all over their bodies.

As a result, the base has been sealed and a full sanitization effort is underway. All equipment, personal belongings, textile goods, and even personnel files are being removed in order to be cleansed.

Arutz Sheva further learned that all mattresses on the base were removed and will be replaced. Hazmat teams are spraying and disenfecting structures, vehicles, and grounds, as well.

Meanwhile, IDF medical personnel are screening soldiers and isolating those affected to ensure the infection does not spread.

The IDF spokesperson's office has thus far declined to comment on the exact nature and full extent of the infection.