Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the media on Thursday, condemning Wednesday’s terror attack against Israelis in Bulgaria, and once again blaming Hizbullah and Iran for the attack.

“Yesterday's attack in Bulgaria was perpetrated by Hizbullah, Iran's leading terrorist proxy,” said Netanyahu. “This attack was part of a global campaign of terror carried out by Iran and Hizbullah. This terror campaign has reached a dozen countries on five continents. The world's leading powers should make it clear that Iran is the country that stands behind this terror campaign.”

He added, “Iran must be exposed by the international community as the premier terrorist-supporting state that it is. And everything should be done to prevent Iran, the world's most dangerous regime, from developing the world's most dangerous weapons.” 

“Israel is a strong country and the people of Israel are a strong people,” said Netanyahu. “We'll continue to fight against the terrorists and to exact a heavy price from those who support them.”

Iran denied responsibility for the terrorist attack earlier on Thursday, claiming that “the unfounded statements by different statement of the Zionist regime in connection with the accusations against Iran about its possible participation in the incident with the blown-up bus with Israeli tourists in Burgas is a familiar method of the Zionist regime, with a political aim, and is a sign of the weakness … of the accusers.”

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah did not mention the attack in a speech he gave on Wednesday evening, but Channel 10 News quoted an official with Hizbullah as having denied any involvement in the attack.

“The claim that we hit tourists is ridiculous,” said the official.