Checking bags at airport (illustrative)
Checking bags at airport (illustrative)Israel news photo: Yoni Kempinski

Although it has been a given for years, this week Jerusalem eliminated the long lines caused by individual security checks at the central bus station.

Metal detectors are still set up, but the majority of travelers don't need to use them. Tthe massive numbers of people passing through the doors of the capital's central bus station has forced security personnel to consider more streamlined methods of spotting risks, officials said.

"WooHoo! J'lem Bus Station stops security checks at entrance," enthused the Janglo English speakers' email group in a Facebook posting on Sunday. 

Jerusalem Police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said security personnel will work to prevent danger to passengers by focusing their efforts on profiling travelers instead.

The situation has changed,” Ben-Ruby said, “and so the kind of guarding we do has changed as well. “We can be more selective now.”

Not everyone is happy with the change, however. Numerous travelers who were asked while passing through the terminal on Sunday how they felt about the easier way into the building said they preferred a “more secure” entrance, albeit an inconvenient one.