IDF soldiers
IDF soldiersIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Former IDF photographer Chanan Greenblat was on a shoot at the Ground Forces Headquarters when he became acquainted with the IDF’s mental health department, and the Peace of Mind project. An upcoming exhibit is the result of that encounter.

The Peace of Mind Project takes groups of released soldiers for a two-part workshop taking place both in Israel and abroad. “Each workshop takes place somewhere else in the world, where Jewish communities host the groups,” Greenblat told the IDF Website's Daniella Bokor.

During the meetings held in Israel, the veterans are taken to the sea. “The sea is almost endless, and impossible to battle," he explained. "You find yourself with your fellow soldiers in the chaotic sea with just a couple of kayaks, and suddenly you start to feel. After completing your military service, putting aside your helmet and gun, that’s when you can finally start talking about things.”

Chanan came up with the idea to hold an exhibition and help the project. “We decided to hold an exhibition in September, which will display 65 pieces I worked on while in the army. The purpose of the exhibition will be to expose most people to the issue of post trauma and the bravery of IDF soldiers,” he explained. Proceeds will go to the Peace of Mind project.