Buildings in Hevron
Buildings in HevronIsrael news photo: Flash 90

In a stone throwing attack this week, 10-year-old Nachala Pass of Hevron was injured as she walked in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood of Hevron. It's not the first time the Pass family has the been victim of Arab terror; on March 26, 2001, 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass was murdered by an Arab terrorist while her family pushed her in a stroller in the very same Avraham Avinu neighborhood.

But despite the horrible memories – and the latest attack – Yitzchak Pass, father of Nachala and Shalhevet, says that he plans to remain in Hevron.

The latest incident occurred not far from where Shalhevet was murdered 11 years ago. “It was just a few meters away,” Yitzchak Pass told Arutz Sheva. “Despite the proximity, of course, the comparison between the two incidents is obviously out of place.”

The injured 10-year-old was watching her younger sister in a courtyard in the neighborhood when a mass of stones were thrown in her direction from the area of the Casbah, Pass said, the second time such an attack was made from the same area. “Only now, unfortunately, after my daughter was injured has the army placed troops in the area.”

Pass said that he and his family have remained faithful to Hevron, and they feel safe. “We have faith in G-d who protects us, and we believe in what we are doing. This is where our lives are, and we try to live them normally. Thank G-d we have five children who are growing up in Hevron, and they go wherever they want, obviously remaining on guard.

"The children know all about Shalhevet, but they want to remain in Hevron. They will not hear about moving.”