Women fight expulsion in Migron (file)
Women fight expulsion in Migron (file)Flash 90

Women living in the town of Migron, in the Binyamin region, appealed Sunday to Binyamin Regional Council head Avi Roeh in an attempt to avoid expulsion from their homes. The women asked Roeh to appeal to the government on their behalf.

They are hoping that they and their families will be allowed to remain in their homes now that much of the land their town sits on has been purchased from an Arab seller.

The town of Migron was built on what buyers believed to have been abandoned land. However, an Arab man from the Palestinian Authority recently filed suit, claiming the land belonged to his family, and the families living in Migron were told they would be forced to relocate.

An American philanthropist stepped in to help the threatened community by buying much of the land.

Roeh told the women he supports their request. “Obviously, logic would dictate that the plots that were bought be removed from the High Court’s verdict,” he said.

“Over the course of the years government ministers have explicitly said that buying land would be the best solution,” he added.

The women told Roeh that they will not allow the government to expel their families from land that was legally bought.