Brig. Gen. Heiman
Brig. Gen. HeimanKobi Finkler

"We are in preparations for the possibility of war and in the midst of deployment with the situation in Syria in mind," a top IDF officer said Thursday, in a tour of the northern border with journalists.

The greatest challenge facing Division 36, which is placed in the Golan, is the possibility of facing a surprise attack, said the officer, Brig. Gen. Tamir Heiman, Commander of Division 36. "The biggest concern is a combined terror attack and we are preparing for this in the Golan area."

The essential changes that have taken place in Syria provide the potential for a terror attack coming out of Syria and crossing the border, which has been very quiet in recent years.

"The Division is preparing itself accordingly, in the knowledge that a terror attack can take place without a prior alert or intelligence," he said. "The lack of governance and loss of stability, with terror organizations potentially looking for new goals – is the greatest threat for the region."

Brig. Gen. Heiman said the IDF is investing heavily in improving infrastructures, means of detection and routine security missions along the border. "One of the places where a rapid deterioration can occur is the Golan Heights, in which topography makes it possible to easily approach the Israeli side of the border and we need to be prepared for this," he warned.