Sudanese in Tel Aviv
Sudanese in Tel AvivIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The police are investigating suspicions that the "social protest" organizers improperly received heavy funding from various sources, including sources outside of Israel, in order to renew their demonstrations this summer.

According to esteemed journalist Yoav Yitzchak, the police possess information that indicates money was paid to Sudanese infiltrators, in return for which the immigrants were supposed to break the glass panes that form the exterior walls of bank branches.

Yitzchak reported on his news website, News1, that several Sudanese immigrants have confirmed to police that they received NIS 400 each in return for smashing the windows of banks. The police's evidence is "solid," he wrote.

Police see the evidence as proof that the violence was premeditated and not a case where a peaceful demonstration spiraled out of control.

The extreme left, which has little electoral support in Israel, sees the African infiltrators as a potential ally in destabilization of Israeli society. The following videos are from a large scale 2010 march through Tel Aviv by infiltrators against the deportation of illegal immigrants, organized by leftists as a show of force.