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Democratic party leaders are in a panic over the chance that a Black anti-Zionist – backed by none other than a KKK leader – may win a primaries vote in Brooklyn Tuesday. A victory could be considerably problematic for President Barack Obama.

City councilman Charles Barron, known for his blunt anti-Israel comments, is running against Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries for the seat being vacated by retiring Congressman Edolphus Towns.

Barron is an ex-Black Panther who has compared Israelis with Nazis and has said that former Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi is a “hero."

The election campaign has featured one of the strangest political alliances, with David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the anti-Black and anti-Semitic Ku Klux Klan, backing Barron. Duke was able to get past the color of Barron’s skin because of Barron’s and Duke’s shared fear of what they see as a “Zionist conspiracy.” During the Crown Heights riots in the 1990s, when the neighborhood's blacks attacked Jews for three days after a Guyanese child was killed by a car in a Lubavitch motorcade, he criticized the Jewish community.

Duke has called Jeffries a "complete Zionist sellout, both to the black people, and all the people of America.” In a rambling video promo, he said, “The possible election of a dedicated anti–Zionist to the U.S. Congress has thrown the Zionist influenced media and the Zio-political establishment into a tizzy.” He also stated, "I agree with Barron  -- Israel is a rogue, terrorist state. Israel has committee terrorism against the United States."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Charles Schumer are frightened that Barron might win and are fighting for Jeffries, while Congressman Eliot Engel has gone on record as stating that a victory for Barron would be “an embarrassment to the party, to the Congress and to the country.”

Barron is enjoying the panic among the Democrats, stating, “It’s the establishment versus the people. I’m with the people,” the New York Post reported.

Jeffries is expected to win the race, but Politico quoted  political analyst and public affairs Professor Doug Muzzio as saying, “It’s really become a race to watch, because it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen. Barron has been a prominent voice for the African-American community and has a lot of support, but the key question is do people think he’ll be effective in Washington?”