Daphni Leef
Daphni LeefIsrael News photo: Yoni Kempinski

In a letter to the Public Security Minister, MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union) has protested what he sees as "the police's weakness in dealing with anarchists from Tel Aviv."

"[Protest leader] Daphni Leef, the tzfonbonit [a term used to denote uppity well heeled residents of northern Tel Aviv – ed.] has no special rights and the police should treat her and her friends just as they treated the settlers in Amona and the hareidi demonstrators in Meah She'arim," he wrote.

Ben Ari also mentioned Shai Malka, a Jewish Leadership activist who was arrested for the duration of proceedings against him for organizing the blocking of roads during the Disengagement.

"It is beyond me why the police are treating Daphni Leef and her friends with kid gloves, and why the lady was released a few hours after she was arrested. Why was a charge sheet not filed against her? Why did the police not ask for her arrest until the end of the proceedings for this act of mutiny?"

Ben Ari stressed that he supports the struggle for social justice and that he, too, opposes the Netanyahu government, "but there is a difference between freedom of expression and freedom of incitement. The rule of law must be respected."