Katyusha rocket
Katyusha rocketIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Residents of a small town in the Negev were saved this week when their composter absorbed most of a missile’s blast.

Gaza terrorists scored a direct hit on the town, which has not been named for security reasons. Witnesses said the entire town shook from the force of the blast.

The projectile was a Katyusha, which is far more powerful than the Kassam-style rockets usually used by Gaza terrorists in short-range attacks.

The missile just missed a home and hit a composter instead. The composter absorbed most of the blast, leaving the house nearby with relatively minimal damage. The composter was completely destroyed.

The missile may have been a Fajr rocket. Hamas commanders announced earlier in the week that they had fired four Fajr rockets.

Hamas, which has led Gaza since overthrowing Fatah in 2007, has also claimed responsibility for several recent attacks using Kassam rockets and Grad missiles.