The caravan city of Nitzan
The caravan city of NitzanFlash 90

Israelis expelled from Gush Katif who are still living in caravan towns fear that the expulsion of dozens of families in Beit El will mean homelessness for them as well.

Their fears grew Tuesday as Tnufa Administration workers made it clear that they do not plan to bend the rules, even if it means leaving families without a roof over their heads.

Just weeks earlier, things were looking up as residents of the caravan towns planned their long-awaited move to permanent towns in the Lachish region. However, the planned demolition of homes in Beit El led the government to take the mobile homes meant for settlement in Lachish and bring them to the Binyamin region instead.

The move left the Katif families stuck, with their jobs and schools already in Lachish, but no homes to move into. In a new blow, the Tnufa Administration, tasked with resettling the families, has continued its policy of taking caravans as soon as they are empty – even though there is now a severe caravan shortage looming due to the cancellation of the move to Lachish.

A fight broke out Tuesday morning in the town of Ein Tzurim as a caravan was taken away. “A representative from the Amigur company came and wanted to take the caravan,” a resident told Arutz Sheva. “We explained to him that he was setting us back by seven years. He said, ‘I came to do my work.’”

She added, “Taking the caravans is really stopping life and going back seven years. Families that are leaving their homes in August will have nowhere to stay.”