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The Israel in India Facebook page, launched by the Israeli Embassy in August 2010, has received almost 20,000 'likes', a figure surpassed only by the pages of the US and the UK, placing it among the top three foreign country pages, The Times of India reported.

“Two decades after India and Israel established full diplomatic relations, ties between the two nations are extending far beyond traditional diplomacy,” David Goldfarb, an Israeli spokesman located in New Delhi said. “Less than two years after the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi launched its activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other virtual platforms, Israel managed to gain exceptional popularity in the Indian social media arena.”

The Embassy of Israel has recently also launched a new website, which provides frequent updates on Israeli activities in India as well as a fresh look at Israeli society.

"Thousands have visited the new website, as well as the Israel in India Facebook page, to learn about Indo-Israel agriculture cooperation, economic and business ties, various Israeli cultural events taking place across India, education opportunities, tourism information and more," Goldfarb said.

"These platforms also enable direct and informal interaction between Indians and Israelis. The Embassy also operates specialized websites in Hindi and in Urdu. These results are impressive", said Alon Ushpiz, Israel's Ambassador to India.

"They mirror the warmth and friendship that we Israelis feel across India, and they are yet another indication of the immense potential that lies in our relationship," he added.