Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Camila t
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Camila tReuters

Prince Charles is likely to visit Israel within the next three years, according to Eric Moonman, President of the Zionist Federation.

“There will be a chance for a senior royal to go to Israel, although it’s unlikely to be the Queen because of her diary and the prominence she gives the Commonwealth,” Moonman said. “So it falls to Prince Charles, or perhaps even Prince William and Princess Catherine.”

The Prince may be interested in visiting the Jewish state due to his interest in the environment and Israel’s advancements in technology and the green sector.

“People who are close to him have told me he has kept abreast of countries which have made a real impression in that area,” Moonman said.

“Prince Charles has one or two Jewish people who he trusts and these are the people, combined with the right approach and a peaceful situation in Israel, who can make it possible,” he added.

The Duke of Edinbugh visited Israel in 1994 to re-bury his mother, Princess Alice of Greece, who had been honored as a Righteous Gentile, on the Mount of Olives.

The Princess is said to have saved six Jewish friends, providing them with a place of refuge from the Nazi occupiers in 1943.

During his visit Prince Philip met former Israeli Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin and attended an official dinner with President Ezer Weizman.

The following year, Prince Charles travelled to Jerusalem to represent the Queen at Prime Minister Rabin’s funeral.