The Hizbullah terror group wants to move Scud D-type missiles and modern anti-aircraft equipment from Syria to Lebanon, Channel 2 News reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the group fears the weapons may come into the hands of the rebels against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The report said that Hizbullah has recently been considering moving to Lebanon the modern weapons it already owns but which are being kept in the group’s bases in Damascus. Channel 2 noted that the Scud D missiles are considered quite sophisticated and have the ability to reach as far as the city of Eilat.

Hizbullah is reportedly concerned over a possible attack by the armed rebel forces in Syria on its weapons arsenal in Damascus. The group fears that the rebel Free Syrian Army may loot the weapons stockpile.

A Jordanian news site reported in early May that western spy satellites have recently spotted movements of Syrian heavy missile launchers northward and southward, toward Syria's borders with Turkey and Israel.

The site said hundreds of high-caliber launchers are being moved, and that these could only be long range Scud missile launchers.

Syria has threatened in the past that in the event of foreign military intervention on its soil, it will not hesitate to fire missiles at Israel and Turkey in order to ignite a large scale regional war.

The IDF’s Northern District Commander Yair Golan warned on Wednesday that the battle being waged in Syria between opponents of the Assad regime and Assad loyalists may have an effect on what is happening in Israel.

“Al-Qaeda related factors that are active there now and working against the regime may operate against us over time,” Golan said. “The Syrian threat to Israel requires attention. It will not happen tomorrow morning, but it can occur within a few months.”

Golan added, “Syria has weapons of mass destruction along with a very heavy arsenal of weapons, including surface-to-ground missiles and chemical weapons. The fact that Syria is a storehouse of weapons which fuels terrorists in the region is very unsettling.”

Hizbullah leader Hasan Nasrallah recently threatened to strike multiple targets in Israel, including Tel Aviv.

“We are capable of not only hitting specific targets in Tel Aviv but also any place in occupied Palestine,” he said.

“The era has come when we survive while they will be doomed to extinction,” Nasrallah added. “For every building that is destroyed in the southern suburbs, several buildings will be destroyed in Tel Aviv in return.”

The German broadcaster ZDF reported Wednesday that Iran is using commercial aircrafts to smuggle weapons and explosives to Syria and Hizbullah in Lebanon.

Citing Western security sources, ZDF said that Iran Air and Yas Air have repeatedly used aircrafts designated as passenger planes to transport weapons to the Assad regime and Hizbullah.