Saudi Arabians have expressed outrage over a McDonald's toy which, they say, mocks the Prophet Muhammad, The Gatestone Institute reported Monday.

According to a report that appeared on the Arabic news website,, on Sunday, the McDonald's fast food restaurant "abused the Prophet Muhammad by placing his name at the base of a toy that is being distributed as part of the Happy Meal, a toy which steps on the name 'Muhammad.'"

The blue superhero, apparently a Power Ranger Samurai, stands on one leg, and, when the lever is pressed, pounds on the base with the other leg.

According to the Saudis, the designs that appear all around the base, where the figurine stomps its foot, is actually the name "Muhammad" written several times in circles.

The toy had been distributed a few days before Saudi children and their parents became aware of the situation.

Subsequently, Saudi Muslims launched several campaigns against McDonald's in "response to the savage attacks on the noble Prophet," under banners like "Help your Prophet!" and "Together in support of the Prophet."

Saudis, "demanding the strongest possible punishment for the restaurant" and insisting that "they will not be silent until this is realized," further complained how such an obvious insult could pass the supervision of the store’s management.

In response, "Saudi McDonald's" has withdrawn the toy from all its restaurants, "in order to safeguard against any accusations or misunderstandings."

Arab countries have been taking actions, legal and otherwise, against individual as well as institutions that perpetrate and disseminate what they deem to be ‘blasphemous’ information regarding the religion and, most notable, the Prophet Muhammad.

Yesterday, an Egyptian court upheld a three-year sentence against a teenage Christian student for posting a drawing on his Facebook page that mocked Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, while last week, prosecutors in Turkey demanded charging an internationally acclaimed Turkish pianist for comments he made on Twitter insulting Islam.