Brigadier General David Suisa, Chief Artillery Officer, said Thursday that "The legitimacy of our firing on Gaza is accepted with much more understanding today."

He spoke at an International Conference on Firepower hosted by the IDF.

Brig. Gen. Suisa explained that "The idea of the conference is to exchange opinions and ideas about how to use firepower with the challenges that we in the IDF face, and that other countries in the world face as well. The emphasis is on fighting in urban areas and multifaceted areas."

"The conference is a very important one for the IDF in my view, both in terms of developing ideas and concepts in the use of firepower and in joint learning, because the challenges we face in accurate use of firepower in the places where we operate, in the North, in Gaza, in other places, are similar to the ones faced by other armies, in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places on the globe."