Iranian centrifuges in Natanz
Iranian centrifuges in NatanzReuters

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said that threats and sanctions will not deter the Islamic Republic from “its revolutionary causes and ideals,” and stressed that the regime will remain committed to the full annihilation of the Jewish state, the Fars News Agency (FNA) reported on Monday.

Addressing a defense-related gathering in Tehran on Sunday, General Firouzabadi asserted that nations must confront “the threats and dangers posed by the Zionist regime of Israel,” the news agency reported.

He highlighted the emphasis placed by Iran's supreme leader on the necessity of supporting “the oppressed Palestinian nation and its causes.”

“The Iranian nation is standing for its cause that is the full annihilation of Israel,” Firouzabadi said.

FNA noted that, “The top military official reminded the gatherers [sic] that the Iranian Supreme Leader considers defending Palestine as a full religion duty and believes that any kind of governance and rule by anyone other than the Palestinians is an instance of usurpation.”

Earlier this year, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stressed Iran’s direct involvement in the "Palestinian" and Lebanese confrontations with Israel.

“Wherever Iran interfered, it announces it in a very straightforward manner. For instance, we interfered in confrontations against Israel, which resulted in the (Lebanese) victory in the 330 day war and (Palestinians’ victory in) the 22 day (Gaza) war,” Khamenei said, addressing a crowd of worshippers at Tehran University in February.

“In the future too, we will support and help everyone who opposes the Zionist regime,” he said,

“The Zionist regime is a real cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut, God willing,” he added.