Yaakov Manasharshivili
Yaakov ManasharshiviliMoscow Jewish community

A young man from Moscow’s Georgian Jewish community was murdered on Friday, the innocent victim of a clash between two gangs. The victim has been identified as Yaakov ben Mordechai Manasharshivili, 26.

Manasharshivili had attempted to calm members of two gangs of non-Jewish young men from the Caucasus region. One gang member grew angry and turned his gun on the Jewish youth, shooting him at point blank range.

The murderers fled the scene and have not yet been apprehended. Moscow police commanders have expressed determination to find them within days.

Police told heads of the Jewish community that they do not believe the attack was anti-Semitic in nature.

The victim is from a traditional Jewish family, and served as a counselor at one of Moscow’s Chabad houses. He will be buried Sunday. The funeral will proceed from the Jewish Lipman school, where he learned as a youth, to the cemetery.

ZAKA volunteers are working with Russian officials to ensure that the burial takes place according to halacha (Jewish law).